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NCSSS Alumni Association

Homecoming Conferences

2010: Lynn Mayer, PhD. Assistant Professor, NCSSS Faculty - Beyond the Ethical Dilemma: Seeking Virtues among the Challenges of Social Work


2009: James Zabora, Dean NCSSS – Leadership, Innovation, and Vision: Seizing the Future for the Social Work Profession

2008: Joan Oppenheimer Weiss, LICSW – Genetics: Why Does It Matter To Our Clients and To Us as Social Work Professionals?

2007: Michael Sheridan, MSW, PhD, NCSSS Visiting Scholar – Honoring the Spiritual: Dimensions of Spiritually-Sensitive Social Work Practice

2006: Eileen Dombo, PhD, LCSW-C, NCSSS Alumna – Self-Care and the Social Worker: Improving your Professional Self

2005: Bette Ann Weinstein, DSW, LCSW-C, NCSSS Alumna, Faculty – Rutgers School of Alcohol & Drug Studies  - Chemical Dependency Treatment and Social Work: A Perfect Match


2004: Susan Ley, LICSW, Executive Coordinator of Wendt Center & Grace Metz, Staff Therapist/Coordinator of Intern Training for the Wendt CenterChildren, Adults, & Clinicians: Coping in the Aftermath of Tragic Grief


2003:  Living in a Fearful World: Implications for Practice: Marika Cutler, LCSW-C – Faces of Fear; Kacie Fisher, LICSW – Children of War; Jennifer Weaver, LCSW-C, RPT – Strengthening the Alliance in the Midst of Violence