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Title: Clinical Supervision of Social Workers

PresentersRandall O’Toole, LCSW, LCSW-C  & Jennifer Weaver, MSW, LICSW
DateOctober 17, 2014 & October 27, 2014
Hours: 9am to 4pm
CEU’s: 6 for each workshop (12 total)
Cost: $120 per workshop day ($240 for both)
$100 ($200) for Field Instructors, $40 ($80) for Students
 Location: Pryzbyla Center, Room 351, The Catholic University of America
Description: Supervision in today's complex clinical environments can be a daunting as well as rewarding endeavor.  Quality supervission is a critical piece to the development of every clinician.   Given that there are particular challenges inherent in child and adolescent work, this training focuses on supporting the development of clinical supervisors who work with supervisees treatinhg child and adolescent clients.  Specific issues and techniques in providing supervision to clinicians treating this population will be investigated and explored. 







Title: Social work Ethics and Workplace Safety

Presenter: Eileen Dombo, PhD, Dr. Eileen Dombo is an Assistant Professor at the Catholic University of America’s National Catholic School of Social Service. Additionally, she is a psychotherapist and consultant in private practice in Washington, DC. For ten years she was a clinical social worker at the DC Rape Crisis Center providing therapy to survivors of sexual violence and others impacted by sexual abuse. She worked with individuals, couples, families and groups and advanced to become the Clinical Director. 
DateMonday October 20, 2014
Hours: 9am- noon
CEU’s: 3
Cost: $60 ($40 for Field Instructors, $20 for Students)
Location: Pryzbyla Center, Great Room C, The Catholic University of America


Social workers receive guidance on how to handle situations where their clients are not safe, but what happens when the social worker is concerned about his or her own safety? This workshop will explore ways to navigate safety in the workplace and explore guidance from the NASW Code of Ethics on handling safety issues in a professional and ethical manner. Participants will leave the workshop with guidelines on establishing safety plans for use in their practice settings.








Title: On the Diagnosis and Treatment of Homosexuality: When Prejudice Masquerades as Science

PresenterWilliam S. Meyer, MSW, is the Director of Training for the Department of Social Work and is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Ob/Gyn at Duke University Medical Center. Bill has been a supervisor and team leader of 3rd year psychiatry residents for over 25 years. 
Date: Friday, October 24, 2014
Hours: 1-4pm
CEU’s: 3
Cost: $60.00 ($45 for field instructors, $25 for students)
Location: Pryzbyla Center, Room 351, The Catholic University of America
Description: Few people know the civil rights struggle of how the diagnosis of homosexuality evolved and was finally deleted from psychiatry's official nomenclature. Over the years, many people suffered severe psychological injury by the very people who were ostensibly there to help them. Some of this tragic legacy continues today. This multi-media presentation begins in the 1950’s and takes the audience through the tumultuous 60’s and 70’s up to the present to demonstrate the legacy and implications of psychiatry’s once implacable position that “homosexuality is treatable psychopathology.” Attendees will see a scholarly but compelling power point presentation, view clips of once popular movies, and hear audio interviews from gay activists and establishment psychiatrists of that era, to see how internalized prejudicial attitudes affect everyone, including those who come asking for help and those who provide treatment.









Title: Adolescents/Young Adults and HIV

Presenter: Melissa Selavaag is the clinical director at Metro Teen AIDS, a community based organization dedicated to supporting young people in fighting HIV/AIDS. 
Date: Friday November 7, 2014
Hours: 9-Noon
CEU’s: 3
Cost: $60.00 ($45 for field instructors, $25 for students)
Location: Pryzbyla Center, Room 351, The Catholic University of America
Description: This training is intended to help social workers gain a new or deeper understanding of the link between the stages of development and treatment adherence. It is also intended to identify/discuss new or successful strategies to improve treatment adherence for adolescents and young adults. Participants will be able to:
  • Identify at least three barriers to adolescent and young adult adherence to HIV care and treatment
  • Assess for individual readiness to HIV care and treatment
  • Identify two new strategies for improving treatment adherence









Title: Introduction to Child-Centered Play Therapy

PresenterDr. Robert Scuka is Executive Director of the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement® in Bethesda, MD, and author of Relationship Enhancement Therapy: Healing Through Deep Empathy and Intimate Dialogue (Routledge, 2005).
Date: Monday, November 10, 2014
Hours: 9am to 4pm
CEU’s: 6
Cost: $120 ($100 for Field Instructors, $40 for Students)
Location: Pryzbyla Center, Room 351, The Catholic University of America
Description: Child-Centered Play Therapy is the method of play therapy developed by Virginia Axline, an associate of Carl Rogers.  It follows the Client-Centered principle of creating a non-judgmental, emotionally supportive therapeutic atmosphere while also providing clear boundaries that encourage the child to learn emotional and behavioral self-regulation.  Research has validated this to be a powerful method for decreasing a wide range of child emotional problems as well as for building self-esteem and more mature, pro-social behaviors.  CCPT is based on eight clear-cut principles applied in a systematic way that equip the therapist with a method uniquely capable of handling the many challenges of playing therapeutically with children and achieving predictably positive results.  This workshop is recommended for all clinicians who work with children as well as school counselors and child-welfare personnel.









Title: Psychopharmacology Review

Presenter: Lisa M. Cullins, MD is currently the Director of Psychiatric Services at the Jewish Social Services Agency (JSSA). After completing her undergraduate training at Stanford University, Dr. Cullins received her medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine in 1998. She completed her general psychiatry residency at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute and her Child & Adolescent Psychiatry residency at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in 2003. Dr. Cullins was also appointed the Associate Training Director of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Program at Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC). She received the Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award at Children’s in 2006. From 2007-2009, Dr. Cullins served as the Medical Director for EMQ Children and Family Services in Campbell, CA and the Family Mosaic Project of the San Francisco Department of Public Health.   Prior to her current position as Director of Psychiatric Services, Dr. Cullins was the Program Director, Georgetown University Hospital/Adventist Behavioral Health Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training Program. She received the Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award at Georgetown in 2012. Dr. Cullins continues to be an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Georgetown University School of Medicine and supervises Child Psychiatry Residents at Georgetown as well as during their clinical rotation at JSSA.
Date: Friday, November 14, 2014
Hours: Noon to 3pm
CEU’s: 3
Cost: $60 ($40 for Field Instructors, $20 for Students)
Location: Pryzbyla Center, Room 351, The Catholic University of America
Description: In this workshop participants will
·         become familiar with medications used to treat various psychiatric disorders
·         understand the side effects of various medication
·         recognize the importance of collaboration between social work and psychiatry
·         be able to assess when a referral for psychiatry is needed








Title: Non-pharmacological Dementia Care

PresenterAnya Parpura, MD, PhD is an expert in the field of aging and dementia with extensive expertise in teaching and training of families, professional and ancillary staff in the nature of illness and behavioral management of dementia. She has devoted over 15 years to research and understanding issues important to geriatric populations and has authored a number of papers and educational materials on these topics.
Date: December 5, 2014
Hours: 9am to 4pm
CEU’s: 6
Cost: $120 ($100 for Field Instructors, $40 for Students)
Location: Pryzbyla Center, Room 351, The Catholic University of America
Description: Dementia affects 5-8% of people 65 years of age and prevalence increases with age. It is characterized by cognitive and functional decline, co-morbidity with depression and anxiety as well as a number of behavioral symptoms also referred to as agitations. Agitated behaviors lead both to a negative impact on the well being of patients and also increase caregivers’ burden. Frequently, psychoactive medications are used to control agitation, and while at times they may be necessary in this population, they may lead to unwanted side effects that can be minimized or avoided by providing more non-pharmacological management. Indeed guidelines for treatment of dementia indicate that non-pharmacological interventions are first line of treatment and should be exhausted before drugs are used to treat behavioral symptoms and mood disorders.  A significant body of research has demonstrated effectiveness of non-pharmacological treatments and models of care. Unfortunately, this knowledge has not been well translated into clinical practice. This workshop aims to provide an overview of the current knowledge on the topic of non-pharmacological treatment of dementia symptoms as well as practical applications. Participants will be able to discuss of cases and receive guidance and recommendations on assessment, design and implementation of non-pharmacological interventions.









Title: Build an Action Plan to Create or Transform Your Private Practice

Presenter: Gail Guttman, MSW is a partner at Guttman & Pearl Associates. Gail has developed and grown a dynamic group practice with Gwen Pearl, LCSW since 1985.  Gail received her MSW from Washington University in St. Louis and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Imago Couples Therapist, Certified Imago Clinical Consultant, Certified Imago Community Educator and Certified Sex Therapist. Gail and Gwen were chosen by Washingtonian Magazine in 2009 as "Top Therapists" in the metropolitan DC area.
Evan Leepson, MSW, MBA has conducted more than 100 healthcare strategy, process improvement and growth strategy projects. He develops business, marketing and strategic plans for individual and group psychotherapy practices, law firms, diagnostic imaging centers, medical group practices and hospitals.
Date: Friday, December 12, 2014
Hours: 9am to 5pm
CEU’s: 7
Cost$120 ($100 for Field Instructors, $40 for Students)
Location: Pryzbyla Center, Room 351, The Catholic University of America
Description: Do you worry about the size of your caseload or where you will get your next referral? Do you want to build a larger practice or change the direction of your practice? Are you considering starting a private practice for the first time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider joining us to “Build an Action Plan” for your private practice. With our guidance and business expertise, using your own wisdom and the wisdom of the group, this day will help you:
  • Develop your vision
  • Explore your strengths and challenges
  • Create your elevator speech and power message
  • Target your potential referral sources and develop ways to reach them
  • Learn ‘best practices’ to promote yourself
  • Discuss nuts and bolts of creating and managing a private practice.










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