The Catholic University of America

I.        The Consortium

The Consortium for Catholic Social Teaching: Policy, Practice & Research (CCST) will utilize existing research and training centers within the school as pillars of the consortium.  The consortium will provide facilitation of collaborative work, fundraising and grant writing support, staffing, and resource brokering to the centers.  Importantly, the consortium will ensure coordinated public relations and communications for the centers to ensure identity of NCSSS as the academic unit at CUA that actualizes Catholic Social Teaching is concretely understood and recognizable.  To this end, resources of the consortium will be made available to the centers as investments to strengthening the centers, on the condition that the centers are clearly contributing to the mission of NCSSS and CUA.

The Dean of NCSSS will serve as the Director of the CCST.  Center directors will be affirmed for appointment by the Dean. Staffing of the CCST will be coordinated by its Director, including the Director of Research, Director of Communications, and Manager.  As resources allow, each center will be resourced with its own logistical staff, who will be coordinated by the center director.  For the immediate future, CCST will be housed in NCSSS through the Office of the Dean.  Its centers will continue to be housed in their various locales. As resources allow, a physical plant will be established at CUA where all centers will be housed together.