The Catholic University of America

III.        Strengthening Centers of Research and Teaching

 In creating the CCST, the research capacity of the NCSSS centers will be greatly enhanced.  With flow of school resources into the centers through CCST, faculty of the school, as well as from across the CUA campus and other institutions of higher education, will be incentivized to affiliate with one of the centers as a home for the facultys scholarly work.  Such faculty will be appointed as Faculty Associate.  Doctoral students at NCSSS will be required to affiliate with a center; the candidates financial aid assistance will be conditioned on the candidates affiliation in a center, with mandatory work in the center as dictated by CUA rules governing graduate assistantships.  Doctoral candidates affiliated in a center will be appointed as Research Associate.  Students in the Master of Social Work program will be offered opportunities to also affiliate with a center, with incentives offered in the form of stipends and grants, as well as the opportunity to be mentored by Faculty Associates through participation in scholarly projects.  Graduate students will be appointed as Research Assistant.  Finally, students in the Bachelor of Social Work program will be incentivized to participate in center activities through stipends from grants on an as-available basis.  The BSW student will be appointed as (Name of Center) Assistant. 

Research Center Organizational Chart


Center Director

/                       \

Faculty Associates        Staff

                                                                    /                  /                                 \

  Research Associates         Research Assistants            Center Assistants