The Catholic University of America

The Consortium for Catholic Social Teaching at the National Catholic School of Social Service (NCSSS)

The primary mission of the NCSSS is to educate students from diverse faiths and cultures who in their professional endeavors will embody the values of social justice, service, and scholarship. This mission is grounded in the justice and charity foundation of Catholic social teachings and the tradition of a modern university that welcomes all forms of human inquiry. NCSSS supports this mission by engaging in research that advances knowledge in social work practice and informs public policy.

In the Consortium for Catholic Social Teaching at NCSSS, four research centers promote social justice and advance individual, family, and societal well-being in the domains of child welfare, health and mental health, aging, and international social development. The centers are the home for faculty members and students with shared interests in one or more of these substantive areas as well as in cooperative, participatory partnerships with communities and agencies to build on their strengths and assets through multi-disciplinary collaborations.

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