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Course Plan for JD/MSW Dual Degree Program
Students complete the dual degree program on a full-time basis. Students begin the dual degree program at the Columbus School of Law and complete a full year of coursework at the law school. In the second year, students will be enrolled full-time at NCSSS and complete their foundation year coursework.



  Law NCSSS/MSW Foundation Courses
Year 1

1st year classes:

LSP I and II
Social Justice & the Law
Civil Procedure
Criminal Law
Constitutional Law

No courses taken in NCSSS this year
Year 2 No courses taken in law school this year

570 Diversity in a Multicultural Society
571 Human Behavior & the Social Environment
581 Social Welfare Policy & Services I
605 Generalist Practice with Individuals, Families & Groups
673 Foundation Field Instruction & Integrative Seminar I

572 Human Development & Psychopathology II
582 Social Welfare Policy & Services II
590 Social Work Research
606 Generalist Practice with Groups, Organizations &   Communities
674 Foundation Field Instruction & Integrative Seminar II

In their advanced years (years 3 and 4), students take courses in both the law school and NCSSS. It is imperative that students consult with their academic advisors in both schools to plan their coursework for years 3 and 4 in order to meet all of the academic requirements necessary to graduate with the dual degree.
  MSW/Clinical Concentration MSW/Social Change Concentration

Year 3 (Law - 2nd year law classes)

Students will take one individual theory and practice course (801, 802, 803, or 804); one family theory and practice course (821 or 822), and one clinical theory course (723, 724, or 725) in their advanced years (years 3 and 4).

756 Practice Evaluation

Choose one:
802 Clinical Work w/ Adults
804 Clinical Work w/ Children
724 Cognitive Behavioral Theories

740 Ethics

Choose one:*
801 Clinical Work w/ Older Adults, 803 Clinical Work w/ Adolescents,
723 Psychodynamic Theory
724 Cognitive Behavioral Theories
725 Transpersonal Theory

*If the student takes 802 or 804 in the fall semester, the student must take 723, 724, or 725 in the spring semester. If the student takes 724 in the fall semester, the student must take 801 or 803 in the spring semester.

Students will take one macro theory course (880 or 946) and one macro practice course (832, 835, or 886) in their advanced years (years 3 and 4).


740 Ethics
757 Program Evaluation
831 Advanced Policy Analysis
Choose one:
832 Nonprofit Management
886 Issues in International Development
946 Theories of Social Justice

Year 4 (Law
3rd year law classes)

871 Field Education & Integrative Seminar I

Choose one:
821 Families: Traditional Models
822 Families: Strength-based Models
872 Field Education & Integrative Seminar

875 Field Education & Integrative Seminar I

Choose one:
835 Community Organizing
880 Organizational Theories & Change
876 Field Education & Integrative Seminar II