The Catholic University of America

Withdrawing from All Courses


A student who wishes to permanently withdraw from CUA must first have a conference with his or her academic advisor regarding intent to withdraw. In those cases where a withdrawal is to occur, the student must contact the office of the Dean of Students for assistance with completion of the withdrawal process. The Office of the Dean of Students is located in Suite 353 of the Pryzbyla Center. Please see their website for further information (
Students who are withdrawing from CUA should use Cardinal Station to drop or withdraw from all courses. A permanent withdrawal is a permanent separation from the university. Students who fail to withdraw officially are assigned a grade of failure (F) in each course in which they remain registered. Students and their parents should also note the refund schedule printed under Fees and Expenses. For information on the refund policy, please see
Students who wish to withdraw completely from CUA must complete the process prior to the final date for withdrawal from classes as listed in the Academic Calendar (