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Prepare for Career in Social Work: Be a Social Work Major

Faith, Reason, Service...Major in Social Work

Social work is an exciting profession for undergraduates who want to work with people. Generalist social work practice at the undergraduate level prepares you to work in numerous fields and settings and with a variety of populations, from infants to the elderly. Social workers work in schools, hospitals, prisons, residential treatment centers, child welfare, child development centers, community advocacy agencies, nursing homes, etc. Social work majors at the undergraduate level are eligible for licensure as social workers in many localities.


The Bachelor of Social Work

The undergraduate social work curriculum is designed to prepare students for (1) generalist social work practice, under supervision, in public welfare agencies, general and mental health hospitals, courts and probation departments, family and children services agencies, neighborhood and community action agencies, and other settings; (2) graduate social work education; and (3) leadership roles in community efforts in social welfare.

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Social Work was my dream major. I wouldn't be who I am today without it.- Marissa (class of 2004)


Social work is more than just a major, it is a culture and a way of looking at the world. When I first became a social work major, I knew very little about the profession, but as I have learned more, I see that it is nothing short of an organized, professional way of bringing about positive change in the world through respecting the dignity and worth of each person. Social work is unique because it is the only profession whose end goal is to make itself unnecessary.- Dan (class of 2005)


If you want peace, work for freedom.

If you want freedom, work for justice.

If you want justice, be a social worker...peace

- Orlando (class of 2005)