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"I have always had a passion for social justice and advocacy for human rights. Social work spoke to me, as it allowed me to enact change in the lives of individuals, as well as in communities and society. After earning my BSW, I knew I wanted to advance my education and pursue new and challenging opportunities.

Located in our Nation’s Capitol, NCSSS is an exciting institution to earn an MSW degree. The faculty is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to students. Additionally, Washington, DC hosts a plethora of non-profit and governmental agencies for students to complete field education.

I knew I wanted to create change on a macro level, which is why I chose the Social Change Concentration. The SC Concentration has taught me the impact I can have in the promotion of human rights by organizing communities, developing policies and programs, managing non-profit organizations, as well as engaging in development work in international settings.

After graduation, I hope to work in a non-profit organization advocating for the homeless and others living in poverty."

Passion for Justice Led to
Social Change Concentration

Undergraduate Institution:
University of Iowa

Undergraduate Major:
Social Work, Women's Studies