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“Having had many opportunities to travel to places in Africa, Europe and America, I am convinced that the poverty I witnessed in these travels is because people are made powerless by the structural injustice that exists on both local and global levels.

I found the NCSSS a unique and life changing program. Its progressive and radical educational programs have provided me with the analytic and critical foundation to deal with my own helplessness and that of others. The Social Change Concentration has sensitized me to the structural injustice that perpetuates the domination and exclusion of the individual. On a daily bases, the SC Concentration infuses in me the radical and liberating consciousness I need to proactively address the structural sources of poverty and the social problems confronting our world.

After my graduation, I hope to work with socially and economically underdeveloped women in Nigeria. Collaborating with the policy makers and together with this population I will work to create enabling policies that will promote equal social and economic justice for all members of society.”



Undergraduate Institution:
University of Nigeria Nsukka

Undergraduate Major:
Education and Religion