The Catholic University of America

The BSW curriculum is made up of a combination of  BSW Courses

and Liberal Arts Courses.

 BSW Courses

Freshman Year: 

SSS 101 Introduction to Social Work

SSS 326 Diversity in a Multicultural Society

Sophomore Year

SSS 223 Human Behavior & The Social Environment I

SSS 225 Human Behavior & The Social Environment II

Junior Year

SSS 302 Social Welfare Policy I

SSS 340 Research Methods

SSS 303 Social Welfare Policy II

SSS 352 Social Work Practice I

Senior Year

SSS 453 Social Work Practice II

SSS 465 Undergraduate Concurrent Field Education I

SSS 454 Social Work Practice III

SSS 466 Undergraduate Concurrent Field Education II

SSS 490 Coordinating Seminar


Liberal Arts Courses

Philosophy - 4 Courses

PHIL 201 The Classical Mind

PHIL 202 The Modern Mind

Area I and Area II Courses

Link here for more information on Philosophy Courses

Theology and Religious Studies - 4 Courses

TRS 201 or HSTR 201 (Honors) Faith Seeking Understanding and

 2 other TRS courses at any level

 Link here for more information on TRS Courses


ENG 101 Rhetoric and Composition

ENG 326 Workshop: Writing Improvement

Modern Languages

 2 semesters at the intermediate level

Link here for information on the Language Placement Test

Math & Science

BIOL 103 General Biology I

MATH 114 or SOC 301

2 other math or science courses


DR 205 Introduction to Speech Communications

1 other humanities course

Free Electives

6 courses