The Catholic University of America

Dean's Welcome

Greetings and welcome to the National Catholic School of Social Service at The Catholic University of America!    Our values of justice, charity and service are directly derived from Catholic Social Teaching and the values of the profession of social work.  Here you will find people from diverse faiths, cultures and experiences respected, regarded, and celebrated as unique individuals whose gifts are vital to the common good of our school. 

In the work being done at NCSSS, whether in the classroom, through scholarship, or in service to the community, our faculty, staff and students seek to create a better world through social work.    In doing so, we respond to and reflect the church’s call to love our neighbors and become the “extraordinary force” that builds charity and justice in the world.  Our vital work embodies Pope Francis’ call to serve people in poverty and those who are oppressed in society. It is this work that animates our learning community, making it a most unique school of social work.

We are well-equipped for the work we do through the impressive talent, knowledge, and education of our faculty who research and teach about the challenges of clinical social work in a multicultural society that is rapidly changing.   In building knowledge through scholarship, our faculty serve society in ways that provide hope and opportunity for individuals, their families, and society as a whole.  The collective scholarly record of NCSSS includes research in child welfare, family strengthening, trauma, domestic violence, poverty, and aging, to identify just a few of the important areas of social work research at the school.

As Dean of NCSSS, I am so very proud of our school, its faculty, staff and students!  NCSSS is truly a wonderful place to learn and work!  I invite you to discover for yourself the good and vital work being done at NCSSS.  I hope, in your process of discovery, you hear the call to join us as we serve the world through the power of social work!


Dr. Will C. Rainford