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Thank you for your interest in affiliating as a field agency or field instructor with the National Catholic School of Social Service. For an overview on Field Education at NCSSS, please follow this link. Our general Field Education web page is at: To view our Field Manual, follow this link. The Field Manual provides detailed information on our requirements for becoming a field instructor (e.g. MSW and 2 years' practice post-MSW, etc.). To read about requirements for becoming an affiliated field setting, follow this link.

As part of the affiliation process, we'll need the documents below. Some can be completed on-line. Other must be completed and returned to the Office of Field Education (CUA, NCSSS Office of Field Education, Shahan Hall, Washington, D.C. 20064). You can open the documents in Microsoft Word below, save them to your hard drive or disk, and then complete the documents on your computer. If you prefer to have copies mailed to you, please let us know.

1. You may complete this On-line Information form or you may use the Agency Information Form (Microsoft Word document).
2. You may complete field instructor information using our On-line Field Instructor Form or our Microsoft Word Field Instructor Profile
3. Statement of Agreement* (Affiliation Agreement)
4. Statement of Agreement for Federal Agencies* (Affiliation Agreement)

To begin the affiliation process, we must, at a minimum, receive your completed Agency Information Form or the on-line form. Please complete and return that form (and, when possible, the Field Instructor Profile along with a resume) as soon as you can. We must receive the Statement of Agreement before a student intern begins placement, but I understand that it may take some time for the appropriate agency official to review and sign it.

If you don't hear from us after completing your information, please give us a call. We visit agencies before finalizing the affiliation process -- the visit provides the opportunity to talk about our field program in some depth, and to learn about your agency and to discuss internship opportunities.

We look forward to our working together. If you have any questions, please call us (202-319-5457). 


* Please note the addendum to the Statement of Agreement (see last page). Under the Federal Work-Study program, many MSW students may earn stipends for their internships when (1) completed in non-profit settings, and (2) when they are not engaged in lobbying or in partisan political activity. Please sign and return the addendum if it applies to your agency. Note that the agency does not contribute to the student's funding in any way.


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Benefits of being a field instructor:

  • Invitation to Continuing Education programs at NCSSS at no charge (when sponsored by Office of Field Education), or reduced charge

  • Faculty title of Clinical Associate

  • Free CEUs awarded for attending our Field Instructor trainings

  •  Access to Mullen Library

  • Opportunities to consult with NCSSS faculty

  • Professional growth