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NCSSS Field Liaisons

To contact your liaison, click on the name below. Not sure who your field liaison is? Ask us - call 202-319-5457 or email us.

Undergraduate BSW:

Mr. Ryan Hanlon
Ms. Jennifer Hannett


Foundation Year MSW:

Ms. Anne DeGirolamo
Ms. LaRhonda Gough
Dr. Christine Sabatino
Ms. Linda Scognamillo-Senior
Mr. Jose Segura 



Advanced Year MSW:

Clinical/Clinical Health/Military Specialization: 

Ms. Katharine Blumenthal
Ms. Megan Flood
Ms. Laura Hickey
Dr. Christine Sabatino
Dr. Roslynn Scott-Adams


Combined/Social Change:

Mr. Adam Rocap - Combined
Dr. Linda Plitt Donaldson - Social Change


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