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Put your values into action with social work field internships

Field internships are a key part of our students' social work education, providing invaluable support for what our students are learning in the classroom. Direct engagement in service activities in a wide range of agencies and organizations gives students the opportunity to personally experience how social workers can make a real difference in people's lives.

Goals of field education

At the National Catholic School of Social Service, we are committed to helping our students: 

  • learn to provide social services across fields of practice;
  • acquire the knowledge, values and skills for intervention with individuals, groups, families, communities and other systems;
  • develop a professional identity consistent with social work values;
  • develop the skills necessary to evaluate their social work practice;
  • gain experience with various client populations including diverse racial and ethnic groups, and at-risk populations;
  • develop a professional commitment to social work practice;
  • evolve a practice style consistent with the student's personal strengths;
  • develop the ability to work within a social welfare agency or organization.


Field Student

Field education is the signature pedagogy of the social work profession.  To learn more about the field education program, click on the links below:


Field Instructor

The role of the field instructor is essential to the student's training program. Providing supervision and field experience guides the integration of theory and practice. Click on links below for resources:


Field Liaison

The field liaison guides the student in connecting theory to practice.  The liaison facilitates seminar and supports student and field instructor in the learning process and with the supervisory relationship. Please click links below to access field liaison resources: