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Welcome to the National Catholic School of Social Service Field Education Search Engine. The information provided here is meant to assist you with the important process of finding the most appropriate placement for you.

In order to log onto the search engine, you must be a matriculated student who will be in a field internship in the upcoming academic year. We must enter you into our system as a user. Call 202-319-5457 or email Ms. Nenita Sola for instructions and password information.

Use the NCSSS Field Education Search Engine to learn about the many agencies we work with. Once you have narrowed your choices to a relatively small number of settings, you may want to contact us to verify that your agencies of interest are currently available. Because we use many of the same agencies as other social work and related programs, we will sometimes have to contact the internship coordinator to check; we will be glad to do that at your request.

Each fall, we email all of our agency internship coordinators several times, asking them to update their information. If you are interested in an agency that has not been updated in some time, please let us know, so we can follow up by calling the internship coordinator to verify availability of internship slots for the upcoming year.

  • If you'd like to begin by seeing a listing of all currently active agencies we work with, then conduct your search without selecting any fields. If you will be a Foundation Year student, click on Foundation to see which agencies accept 1st year students. If you will be an Advanced Year student and would like to see a listing of all Advanced Year placements, click on Advanced. To see just the Clinical, Clinical Health, Social Work with Military, Veterans, and their Families, Combined or Social Change settings, click on just one of those fields. If you will concentrate in our Clinical Health Specialization, review those checked as Health, but also look for Clinical settings that are health-related and may not yet have been identified as 'fitting' into the health specialization.
  • Are you checking back? The search engine lets you look at information updated within the last 7/30/90/120 days.
  • Be sure to read Comments -- you'll find good information there! Comments are taken from student evaluations and field liaison reports and give firsthand feedback on different agencies.
  • On-line agency information includes the names and emails of students currently placed there, as well as the names and emails of students' field liaisons (liaisons teach a concurrent field seminar and serve as liaisons between NCSSS and the agency).
  • When names are not listed, students are not placed at the agency this academic year. Don't eliminate an agency from your list just because no one was there this year! We have some wonderful agencies that are not used every year. In addition, we are always developing new agency affiliations.
  • Talk to others as part of the placement process:
    • Speak with the Director or Associate Director of Field Education. They can offer guidance and suggestions based on their firsthand knowledge of/experience with most of our field sites.
    • Speak with faculty.
    • Speak with other students.
    • Speak with, or email field liaisons.
  • If you are applying for federal work-study funding (FWS), you must be (1) placed in a non-profit setting that does not require lobbying or partisan political activity by students and you must (2) show financial need. Work-study funding is is awarded based on your total unmet need, as determined by the FAFSA, so you must submit the FAFSA each year, and be approved for federal loans. Work-study funding is extremely limited. Because of cuts in funding, priority has been given to full-time (12+credits per semester) students, who receive $4,000. Receiving this funding one year does not guarantee receipt in the second year. FWS funding is paid as (taxable) salary. Generally, if a student is receiving an agency stipend, s/he cannot receive this funding. Anyone interning in his/her place of employment cannot receive FWS funding. University counseling centers have been determined as ineligible sites for FWS funding.
  • Each year students ask which agencies are most competitive. This is difficult to answer because student interests vary from year to year. What is extremely competitive one year may not be sought after the following year. If in doubt, ask us.
  • Advanced year field applications were due on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012. There is no final "deadline" by which students must submit their field applications. However, since most settings accept a limited number of students, students are advised to submit their application by the deadline so they do not lose out on placement opportunities.


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Some cautionary notes:

  • Information on several hundred agencies is available via this website. Although we regularly request agencies to update their information, inevitably we do not hear from everyone, no matter how many reminders we send. Therefore, especially if no student is currently placed in a particular setting, and if the most recent information received is several years old, send an email to us so that we can check whether the agency will be accepting students for the upcoming academic year.
  • Some settings have deadlines -- whenever we know the deadline, we've made that information available on the search engine's agency web page. Please note that the Office of Field Education will set its own earlier deadline when an agency has a deadline -- this is to allow us sufficient time to review application materials, assure their completeness and mail them to the agency in advance of the published deadline. Some agencies require submission of transcripts and/or reference letters. We list that information as well since it can take some time to gather all the information that is required.
  • If the information you read on-line indicates that the agency has an application that must be submitted, if the application is no on the agency's website, and is not available via the search engine, please stop by the Office of Field Education to pick one up from the agency's file. Be sure to notify Ms. Nenita Sola if you're taking the last application!
  • Our goal is to have all information be 100% accurate. However, if you note errors or have new information, please notify the Office of Field Education -- in writing or email.
  • If you are applying to be placed in your employment site, please read the information contained in those forms, which includes important deadlines:
  • If you are interested in having us set up a new field agency as your field site, please be in contact with us to discuss the process.
  • We update information as we receive it from agencies, so please check back.
  • Above all, stay calm. There's a placement that's right for you, and together we'll find it.