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Cassie came to NCSSS with an interest in international social work, and did her Social Change field placement at the US Conference of Catholic Bishops in their Migration and Refugee Services Department. "I have learned a lot about the Refugee program here. Ideally, I’d like to go overseas and work in the refugee program there and learn more about processing on that end before they come to the United States."

"I would have to say definitely my internship has had a huge impact on me in terms of opening my eyes and learning experiences. I have been very, very fortunate to have supervisors who believe in the learning process and allow me to participate in basically whatever I want that is available in the agency. So I’ve gotten a lot of varied experiences--from the work that we do providing technical assistance, all the way up to policy and being able to go lobby on the Hill."

In addition to the field placement, Cassie appreciated the small size of the program as being a great experience, allowing her to learn from her peers and her professors. "There are a number of course options here within NCSSS, within Catholic University, and then within the D.C. Consortium of Universities. So there’s a lot of possibilities in terms of what courses you can take for your electives. So you get that small school feeling without being limited by the resources that a small school may have because Catholic has such wide resources.



Undergraduate Institution:
Elizabethtown College in PA

Undergraduate Major:
Social Work.