The Catholic University of America

2014-2015 PhD Graduates


Dr. Beth G. Betman


Exploring the Phenomenological Experience of Child Sexual Abuse in Deaf Women through the Creation of a Sandtray World



Dr. Michell R. Cook


Mental Health Issues, Self-Concept, and Interpersonal Relationships as Predictors of Recidivism: Exploring Correctional Adaptation



Dr. Sarah M. Steverman


State Commitment to Mental Health Promotion and Mental Illness Prevention: The Impact on Health and Behavioral Health Outcomes



Dr. Dorothy D. Van Dam


The Relationships among Supervisory Alliance, Style, and Supervisory Tools, and Client Goal Attainment in Social Work Field Supervision





Dr. Dorinda Williams (October 2014 Graduate)


The impact of familial and contextual factors on the emotional health of children, ages 0-3: A study of military families





Dr. Danetta E. Hendricks (October 2014 Graduate)


Factors that Influence Interruption in Hospice Home Care